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Our SEO process is meticulously planned so as to ensure you get the best results for your website. Years of experience and knowledge help optimize your website to bring in a wave of organic traffic. From Keyword Analysis to On-Page SEO to Off-Page SEO to Competitive Analysis, we’ve mastered the dynamics of it all. Have a dekko at our process below:


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NO Fixed Packages! Every website is different and our approach is tailored to it accordingly



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Case Studies


Our Clients


Each time you wax eloquent about your company and its services, you imagine your audience listening to your spiel with rapt attention and reciprocating with thunderous applause afterwards. While your prose may even rival Shakespeare’s sonnets word for word, it would be a futile exercise to make elaborate presentations if your audience was unable to find the location of your lecture much like it would be inefficacious if Shakespeare’s brilliant literature was buried under dusty tomes of lesser known works. What’s important, in this day and age of information-deluge, is to be a voice in the noise. This is turning out to be increasingly challenging, what with the propensity of consumers to continuously devour large amounts of data coupled with pseudo-companies that are springing up by the hundreds. To emerge as the singular voice among the deafening din is what every company is aiming for and SEO is the tool which will aid you in that noble effort.


In an ideal world, we would all excel inherently at a particular skill while other arts would have to be cultivated with patience and care. Today, in a bid to outdo each other, companies claim that they do more than just provide SEO, claiming an expertise of auxiliary services as well. However, being Jacks of all trades and masters of none, they merely touch upon each service without deep diving into the cumulative ramifications each successive one will have on the performance of the company with regard to search. We pride ourselves on doing things differently. Like Arjuna, the famed warrior, we concentrate only on the eye of the bird eliminating all other ancillary distractions from view, which is why we are a core competency SEO firm based in Mumbai, India.

  • We provide no services apart from SEO. This means that all our efforts are directed towards one common goal which we soldier on towards relentlessly.
  • We specialise in customized services based on the uniqueness of each client’s website. We have no packages on offer because we believe your website is as unique as you are.
  • We spearheaded the SEO movement when Google was only on the fringes of the web universe, far from the mammoth it is today. At that point, search engine optimization revolved around search engines like Lycos, Altavista, Alltheweb, Zeal, Yahoo and MSN.
  • The battleground has evolved and now that Google is the mother of all search engines, we’ve got the right ammunition to ensure our clients emerge victorious.

There is a structured and organized process in the strategy we employ:

  • It starts with our SEO-based analysis of your website basis which we present asuitable proposal. If you feel like your website is dead and garnering zero traffic, consider this an autopsy where we identify the problems that are prevalent. Now, leave us in charge of resuscitating your website and giving it a fresh lease of life.
  • Once the proposal is accepted, we formulate a keyword analysis report based on the client’s recommendations to identify the necessary keywords for the campaign.
  • Next, we present an SEO timeline document. These are periodic progress reports so that the client understands the pace at which the campaign is moving.
  • We then prepare an initial ranking report or the pre-optimization report which specifies the client’s rankings before any work is done. This presents the client with a thorough understanding of where he currently stands and helps him set goals for where he wants to take the website.
  • Our SEO Plan Report is an on-page optimization report that suggests the changes which need to be made in the meta tags and content. This is the game plan that we will employ to transform the client’s website entirely so as to attract greater traffic.
  • Finally, we present an SEO progress report, which is a summary of the work done during the course of the month, including keyword rankings, crawl errors, off-page optimization and a strategy for the next month.

If you need another enticing reason to get us onboard, we’ll be happy to indulge you. Unlike other SEO companies which deem it mandatory to sign a minimum 6-month contract along with advance payment, we eschew the concept of contracts altogether. This means that if you hire us and don’t see a marked difference in the performance of your website, you can terminate the work effective immediately and pay only for the month in which you’ve procured our services. If that doesn’t reel you in, we don’t know what will.