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Description Tag

Description Tag

What are Description Tags?

While title tags are critical elements of a website from an SEO perspective, you cannot ignore the importance of description tags also known as Meta Description. Like title tags, description tags are HTML attributes that provide brief information about the contents of a particular webpage. While meta descriptions are not very important from a search engine ranking point of view, but they are extremely important for gaining better click-through rate when they are found on search engine result pages. Using meta description tags provides an opportunity to website owners to promote content to the searchers in a better way, thereby gaining better click rate.


Why are Description Tags Important?

When searchers type in keywords, the words are highlighted in bold which makes your page stand out in the search result pages, possibly attracting more click-through rates. Hence, a lot goes into creating the right meta description or description tags than just simple information about the content available on the web page.

Best Practices for Writing Description Tags

Making your web page stand out on the search result pages can be quite easy if the description tags are optimized in the right way. It has the potential to draw more readers and searchers to a website from the search engine result pages. With a compelling piece of text in the SERPs, you can maximize the click-through rates. Description tags should be informative and persuasive enough to make the searcher believe that your website has what they’re looking for.

The length of the description tags ideally should not be more than 160 characters as longer ones get truncated by the search engines. Short and concise will make it easier for searchers to understand what your web page is about.

Using the right keywords makes all the difference. Searchers are always using keywords that allow them to search on search engines. Incorporating keywords intelligently and organically in the description tags allows you to target the right keywords. However, refrain from overdoing it as it would lead to keyword spamming.

Unique description tags have the power to bring more visitors to your website. It is recommended that you have a team of professionals that can write unique and keyword-rich description tags that reflect the content available on a specific page, rather than the actual content on that page. Using repetitive tags might not be enough to convince the searchers that your webpage has the content they’re looking for. Alternatively, using multiple and diverse description tags will allow you to know which ones work better and provide you with a better click-through rate rather than using the same description tags.