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Page Size

Page Size

What is Page Size?

The ideal size of a webpage has long been a topic of intense debate. While you might find some websites claiming that the longer your content, the higher your chances to get better site rankings, there are SEO professionals that claim otherwise. The truth is that the size of your webpage does matter and it will impact its overall performance. Maximizing the performance of the website and depends on the page size and therefore it is crucial to focus on the volume of text on the webpage.

Importance of Page Size in SEO

If the webpage is too long it might take time to download, which means that users will not stay for very long on your website. To optimize the website, you must ensure that your webpages download quickly, allowing the visitors to have a seamless browsing experience when they click on various links and tabs on the webpage. If the page takes longer to download, potential visitors will probably move on to some other websites.

On the other hand, if the webpage is too short, it is likely that the page does not have enough relevant content to impress the potential visitors. This means visitors will move on to other websites where they can find the information they seek. Secondly, since there is little or no content on your webpage, it will not have a good site ranking on the SERPs and will not be easily searchable online.

How is the Right Page Size for your Website?

There is no definite parameter as to what page size is good for your website because it all depends on how your website can be optimized in the right way. SEO professionals bring their experience and expertise to the table and focus on the content and the kind of information that website owners want to provide their customers with. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind.

Focus on the content because you want to give out relevant content that makes sense. Don’t stuff in too much of content, but don’t try to cut it short. Provide relevant information to the users that will make them want to stay longer on your website.

Keyword-rich content is also an important aspect and therefore, the page size should be in accordance with the keywords that have been incorporated.

Avoid using too many images and animations that can slow down the overall download speed of the page and make it heavier.

Divide your webpages to make it more effective and easier for visitors to browse through all the information you have to offer. This will ensure that your webpages have content that is evenly distributed and quickly downloadable to provide a seamless and enhanced browsing experience to the visitors.