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SEO Tools


SEO is a process where different techniques are used to get the desired results and to ensure that your website is competitive you need to have the right tools. With the growing demand for search engine optimization, many online tools have been launched that allow professionals and companies and even individuals to optimize the website and blogs in the right way.

Here are some of the SEO tools that we use to ensure that your website is optimized in the right way:-

Google Keyword Planner

Using the right keywords is critical to your online business success and therefore we need a tool that offers us insights about which keywords we should use. Google Keyword Planner is a free AdWord tool where you can search for keywords and ad group ideas and see how certain keywords or list of keywords might perform. You also get historical statistics (search volume data) and traffic forecasts for keywords to help you decide which keywords you should use and avoid for your new or existing campaign.


Google Analytics

Understanding the performance of your website can help you understand what you need to do in order to improve its performance. With Google Analytics you not only measure sales and conversion but so much more. You can get insights on how visitors find and use your site and how you can make changes to your website to make them come back. It offers a complete picture of your audience and their needs and provides you with reports so that you can tailor your marketing campaigns and site content accordingly to get maximum performance.


Google Webmaster Tools

While Google Analytics provides a complete picture of who is visiting your website, Google Webmaster Tools gives us insights on what exactly is going on within the site. This free tool focuses on how users can improve and enhance their website to attract more audience. If something is wrong with the website Google Webmaster Tools can provide you with top issues list, testing tools and support documentation on how to build great search-friendly sites.


PageSpeed Insights

Time is of the essence and the speed at which your webpage opens up in the browser is called Pagespeed. PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a web page for desktops and mobile devices. After the URL is fetched, it provides a score where a higher score is better and indicates that your webpages are performing well. There are many network-independent aspects that it takes into account and provides suggestions that can improve the relative performance of the page.



Ahrefs is a complete website analysis toolkit for search engine optimization professionals and marketing executives looking for data and information about the website’s current online status. The website offers a wide range of SEO tools like Site Explorer, Positions Explorer, Content Explorer, Crawl Report, Position Tracker and Ahrefs Alerts that can help you improve and enhance your site for maximum performance.


Advanced Web Ranking

Knowing the web ranking of your site can tell you a lot about what you need to do in the near future. Advanced Web Ranking provides fresh ranking daily, weekly and on-demand to keep you informed. Advanced Web Ranking comes with easy to use interface and provides insightful traffic statistics that quickly provide information on your site’s traffic performance. It also offers you to efficiently manage your SEO campaigns and provides SEO audit feature to get rid of all technical issues that can prevent your website from being correctly crawled by the search engines.



Similar to Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest focuses on finding keywords that you can use for your new or existing campaign. The site offers a simple interface where users can type in the keywords and find new keywords that are currently not available in the Google Keyword Planner.


Disavow Tool

Having the right number of relevant links on your website can add to the performance of your site. However, this also means that your site’s performance might drop if various irrelevant links are associated with your site. The Disavow Tool allows you the opportunity to request Google to delete certain links or domains by creating a .txt file that has a list of all the links, domains, and URLs you don’t want on your site. This greatly affects the ranking factor in the indexing of your site. You may want to use this tool if your site receives a manual or algorithmic penalty from Google and also to routinely check for unwanted and harmful links from your site’s link profile and improve your site’s SEO.