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Mobile SEO


Businesses today want to exploit every opportunity that allows them to reach out to their target audience and spread the message about their products and services. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we interact and there is no denying that the growth of mobile devices has exploded in the past few years leading to a new segment of search engine optimization called Mobile SEO. The mobile trend has gradually dominated the search industry and even search engine giants like Google and Bing cannot ignore how mobile devices are impacting their business in a big way.

In 2015, Google officially confirmed that more searches are done using mobile devices than desktop devices. This clearly indicates a pattern that has been seen around the world and users today are more accustomed to searching for information on their smartphones and tablets than through their desktops.

In the wake of this development, Google recently made an update to their search engine algorithm that provides importance to websites that are mobile-optimized, so that they are displayed on smartphones and tablets that millions of users around the world use. The update does not change the way the search is made on the desktop or a laptop, but it certainly gives a competitive edge to mobile-optimized websites that will be more user-friendly and easy to navigate even when browsed on these devices.

It is important to understand that with the rising trend of mobile devices, Google and other search engines want to provide a seamless experience to their users. This algorithm is their step forward to showcase their commitment to better web search experience to mobile users and advertisers.

While the new update does not affect the way users search on the internet using their desktops or smartphones, it will certainly impact how website owners design their website. Website owners, designers and entrepreneurs have to think of how they can present the information on a small screen so that users using their smartphones can access the data in a better way.

Secondly, most mobile users are multi-taskers, which means that they toggle between multiple screens to access various information at the same time. The new algorithm certainly provides more convenience to mobile users and, therefore, websites will have to focus on how they can optimize their websites for multiple screens. This is also where mobile SEO plays an important role allowing websites to rise up in the search results page and attempting to give users the best web search experience.



With the introduction of Mobilegeddon by Google, mobile SEO has become critical to the success of online business because every business requires a competitive content marketing strategy. Incorporating the right content with the right amount of keywords in the website or blogs can boost website ranks on Google. With the help of mobile SEO, entrepreneurs can ensure that their business website focuses on top keywords, links and videos that allow them to stay ahead of their competition.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

As the world is turning to mobile devices for access to information, the use of AMP HTML has been gaining popularity across the globe. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a part of the HTML designed to make fast mobile pages. In layman terms, it is a watered down version of HTML to make it lightweight and incredibly fast to load for users browsing the internet through their mobile devices. With the incorporation of AMP supported pages, mobile SEO has gained more importance as these pages will have to be optimized in a way that makes it impactful on search engine results pages.