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Why SEO?

Why SEO?


While much has been said and written about search engine optimization, one of the most common questions that entrepreneurs and website owners ask is, why SEO? It is clearly understood that search engine optimization is all about helping search engines find and index a website so that it is better visible in the online space and gradually gets a better page rank. However, it is still not clear why it has become an indispensable part of online business. Can a business website still do the same kind of business without it? What happens to your business if your website is not optimized? Can you just add your own content and make your website SEO-friendly? The seemingly endless list of questions related to why SEO is an important part of online business still remains unanswered.


Online Visibility

One of the reasons why any website today requires SEO is because of the sheer volume of websites that are present in the cyberspace. With billions of websites, search engines have an enormous task of sorting out the information and offering the right websites in the search results page to help users find what they’re looking for. Without search engine optimization, it is impossible for your website to be visible, which means no one knows your business website or personal site exist. If you fail to optimize your website, it won’t be indexed by search engines and, therefore, has a minimal chance to show up in search engine results page. Getting online visibility is one of the important reasons why SEO has become an integral part of the online business and why your business won’t survive without it.

Not Just About Keywords

Adding your own content seems like a great idea, but are you using the right keywords that can optimize your website? As a website owner you might still want to write your own content, but are you incorporating the right keywords that you want your website to be associated with? SEO professionals understand the importance of well-optimized keywords and they integrate those words naturally to help your website garner better online visibility organically. Apart from the keyword factor, there are other factors like on-page optimization and link building that also play an integral role in getting your website optimized.


No matter your business, you can’t progress if you don’t sell your products or services. To make this possible, you need more online visitors and it is imperative that you convert those potential visitors into loyal customers. Without SEO, achieving a higher conversion rate is a tough job because to get more traffic you need better online visibility. Using the right search engine optimization techniques like unique content, well-optimized keywords and user-friendly website structure, you can ensure that you are moving towards a better conversion rate. Businesses also have to realize that more customers today check products and services online before they take a decision. Without an optimized website, you lose the chances to reach out to your potential customers and tell them what your business is all about and how it can benefit them.

Return on Investment (ROI)

While businesses often talk about sales and conversions, the fact is that ROI is an important metric and takes into account the cost of investment. Common business sense dictates that any investment that doesn’t yield positive ROI should be withdrawn. Most businesses see SEO as an investment to enhance their online business visibility and reach out to a wider audience through improved page rankings. With the right kind of SEO techniques and activities, businesses can ensure that they get better returns on investment as they see improvement in the online traffic and conversion rate.


While some businesses see it as an investment burden in the short term, the fact is that it is very cost-effective for long-term business goals. Most businesses are interested in achieving long-term business goals and they want to ensure that they have improved online traffic and page ranking that would allow them to stay in the market competition in the long run. Through the process of search engine optimization, businesses can gradually see their growth as more visitors visit their website and make purchases. With continued SEO campaigns, businesses can improve and update their website content to make it more user-friendly, unique and relevant. Websites can also improve their site map, navigation and other website options to optimize their website and secure top page ranking on various search engines results pages.

Investing in SEO has become more important today than ever before as almost every website is optimized for search. With a well-thought strategy you can ensure that your business is visible online and that it is being marketed effectively.