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4 Simple SEO Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Ecommerce Site

14 Dec


Online shopping business has become competitive with the rise of e-commerce websites. Major companies spend a good amount of money to market their brands and to reach out to their customers. However, shopping cart abandonment is a global phenomenon that haunts all e-commerce sites. As per a recent study, around 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned and this can impact your business as well. With the festive season just around the corner, you need to ensure that your online shopping site gets better business and that consumers continue with their shopping carts all the way through. SEO or search engine optimization can help you avoid shopping cart abandonment and improve your business.

Here are 4 simple SEO tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate on your e-commerce site.

Use the Right Call-to-Action – Call-to-action is not only required to attract visitors to your online shopping site but also to keep them constantly interested in the products they are intending to purchase. Using the right CTA on the checkout page can make a huge difference because it encourages the customer to continue with the purchase. The call-to-action must also create a sense of urgency and want to ensure that the customer goes ahead with buying the products in the cart. You need to make sure that the CTAs are simple, easy to understand, and in alignment with your other marketing content.

Add Relevant Information – Users today have a very short attention span. This means they need simple and clear instructions to help them go through the shopping process. Simplify the entire shopping process and use important keywords along with the relevant information. Add product description that would allow customers to know what exactly they are purchasing.

Links and Backlinks – Interconnecting your online shopping website with other pages and products that are similar can help your customers to make better decisions. Hence, using links and backlinks appropriately is one of the key organic SEO strategies that you can incorporate. You also have to ensure that all the links and backlinks are working as connecting broken links to your pages would only drive away your potential customers. With the right internal linking you can create your own anchor text and therefore you can add some of your top keywords.

Focus on Multiple Devices – Users today use multiple devices and therefore your online shopping website must be compatible with all devices and browsers. Online shoppers might browse the products on their mobile device and add it to the cart and they might complete the checkout process on their laptops. It is, therefore, important that your site it optimized for all channels to keep the customers involved.


For online shopping websites, SEO is not only about increasing site ranking, but also to increase sales. Shopping cart abandonment can impact your sales negatively and therefore it is important that you guide your potential customers all the way through the checkout process. This would help them complete the transaction and ensure better shopping experience resulting in repeat visitors. If you are confused with how you can reduce the shopping cart abandonment issues on your site you can email us and we can help you with the right SEO techniques for your online shopping business.

Imtiaz Hami

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