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4 Simple Ways to Find the Right Keywords for Your Business

14 Dec


Content is king. We’ve all heard this phrase over and over which clearly indicates that Google means business and they require good quality content from you in order to improve your online business. Google is a search engine and their business is to provide quality content to the users who search for information online. This information comes from you and your website and in order to be amongst the top ranked websites you have to have quality content.

So, what exactly is quality content? Quality content is not about using better words, but about using relevant words. Your website content should be engaging, interactive, informative and easy to digest. For many, finding relevant keywords is a struggle because you might not be sure which keywords will work for your business. Keywords are important for optimization of your content for search engines. Here are few tips that can help you to accelerate your site rank:

Write for the Audience – Most business owners format their content based on what the search engines want. However, this would be a wrong way to get started because you tend to incorporate more keywords which dilute the meaning of the content. Write content that answers a question or solves a problem. Focus on topics that would stay fresh for a long time rather than topics that will fizz out in next few weeks.

Gather Information – Collecting data can help you to get some great keywords that you can use in your content. You can start with setting up Google Alerts for your industry. This will allow you to see new content published online and you can see what your rival firms are writing about and what words they use. You may also sign up for various email newsletters that would offer you keyword opportunities to enhance your content.

Use Long-Tail Keywords – When you are doing keyword research you should focus on long-tail keywords that will offer you better results. For this, you can make use of programs like SEMrush that allows you to know which long-tail keywords are ideal for your industry. These phrases can help you to create content that offers better visibility on the search engine ranking page. SEMrush does offer a free version for base-level research, but it is recommended that you look for paid plans when you want to research further and get better results.


Manual Research – It is also important that you do some manual research to ensure that you pick the right keywords. Think of yourself as a consumer and type in keywords to find products and services similar to yours. See which keywords offer you the best results and take note of those keywords. Look for websites that rank well and take note of the keywords they use.

Latent Semantic Keywords:

This is an absolute treasure box. When you need keyword ideas, just type it in Google, scroll to the bottom of the page.


You get instant keyword ideas and suggestions that can help you construct your content better.

Google Keyword Planner:-

Get the right keywords with exact search volumes. Google doesn’t provide this data for free. You need to have an Adwords campaign running to see the exact search volumes. If search volumes is not what you’re looking for, then suggestions are absolutely FREE!



To conclude, it is important to have the right keywords that would enhance the search engine optimization of your content. With the help of relevant content and keywords, you can make a difference and attract audiences towards your business. If you are still unable to find the right keywords for optimizing your site, email us and we’ll help you out.

Imtiaz Hami

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