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5 Common SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making Unknowingly

14 Dec

SEO also known as search engine optimization has become an integral part of online business. Optimizing your blog or website is a critical element of your content marketing strategy. There’s so much written and said about search engine optimization on the internet that it can be overwhelming for those who have never heard about it. Many business owners try to optimize their website using the information they find online. However, SEO methods are constantly evolving as search engines make various algorithm developments and as per the changing perspectives of the consumers.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 common SEO mistakes you might be making unknowingly.

Excessive & Wrong Keywords

Almost every SEO-related article will talk about how keywords are important to boost your site’s page rank. This is why many business owners and entrepreneurs stuff in keywords in their content. However, that is not going to work and provide the results you desire. To begin with, you need to look for keywords that consumers type to find products and services similar to yours and use those keywords in your content. If you are using the wrong keyword your business will not be visible to your target audience. Secondly, adding more keywords is only going to impact your site negatively as search engines take keyword spamming very seriously. It is, therefore, important to use the right keywords in the right amount.

Irrelevant Content

The attention span of an average user on search engines is less than 5 seconds. This means that your content needs to be relevant. Some business owners focus on creating good quality content that has a combination of right words, but all that won’t matter if your target audience does not find it relevant. Hence, when you create content it should answer the queries of your customers including the right keywords. Provide your customers with value-based content rather than ripping off content which already is available online.

Missing Quality Links

Your website might have the best content and right keywords, but without link building, you might not be able to push it very far. External and internal links help your website to get better page rank. Hence, you must make sure that you connect your website content and keywords with good quality website links. You can use different interesting and relevant keywords as anchor texts and offer your target audience a wide range of data about your products and services.

Site Not Mobile Optimized

Most people access the internet on their smartphones and mobile devices and therefore your site needs to be mobile friendly. If your site is not mobile optimized it can jeopardize the site ranking and even drive away your potential customers. Search engines like Google have made changes to their algorithms and hence can recognize that your site is not mobile-friendly putting your site way behind in the SERPs.

Skipping Tags

A tag seems like a small thing but can make a huge difference. Business owners and entrepreneurs who handle the SEO process on their own often miss them out. In doing so, they actually miss out a lot of potential of the content. Adding title tags and meta descriptions can make a huge difference as you can add the right keywords and target the right audience. It also boosts the page rank of your site. Similarly, alt tags can help search engine bots to see the pictures and bring you the right audience.


While SEO is an indispensable part of any content marketing strategy it is important that you do it correctly. While you might find plenty of search engine optimization content on the internet you need to remember that SEO techniques are ever evolving. If you are serious about your business and want to have the right SEO techniques you can email us and we can help you optimize your site.

Imtiaz Hami

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