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5 Great Tips on How to Create Question Headlines to Optimize Your Content

14 Dec

How many times in a day do you turn to your mobile device when you have a question in your mind? Mobile has changed the way people around the globe search for answers. With the help of the mobile technology, we can find answers about anything at any time and any place. The search engines are usually flooded with all sorts of questions that users type. This is why content experts believe that you must add an intriguing question in your content headline that can help you get more readers. However, the important question is whether that question-based headline can optimize your site in the long-term. Here are few tips on how you can create better question headlines to optimize your content.

Is It Compelling Enough?

When you are writing a question-based headline you need to be sure that your headline is compelling enough. A lazy question will not serve the purpose and many readers would skim through it if it does not excite them. To ensure that you have a great question headline you would want to write at least 4-5 headlines and then choose the best one which suits the content followed below. You may also want to share the title with your friends and colleagues and ask which title they found intriguing and why and you may get some answers.

Have You Provided the Answer?

Question-based headlines fail to make an impression if the answer is not within the content. Even if your headline is good enough to attract visitors it will disappoint them because towards the end they didn’t find the answer. Hence, only write question-based headlines if you are going to provide your readers with some answers.

Do You Have a Better Answer?

You’re not the only expert, so chances are that there are others who have already touched upon the topic you are going to cover now. So, before you publish your content, type in the same question and see what content comes up in the SERPs. This will give you a fair idea of how others have framed their question headline. You can then come up with a better question-based headline which would hint that you have a better answer.

Is It a Yes or No Question?

There are some questions that need a bit of an explanation and some questions that you can answer with a simple yes or no. If you are going to ask a yes or no question you must answer the question immediately or phrase another question associated with it. The associated question will then excite the reader to look further into your content for answers. For instance: Are You Paying Too Much for Your Home Rent? How to Tell?

Does It Have a Keyword?

Last, but not the least you need to have keywords in your question headline. Keywords are important for search engine optimization. Hence, you have to create question headlines that also incorporate keywords to boost your blog or website. This can be a bit difficult but think of the answers that you have provided in the content and come up with questions that will have few keywords that users will type in the search engine search field. If you have the right keyword the site will show up in the SERPs and help you gain more visitors.


Question-based headlines are good for your business blog or website only if they provide the right answers to the target audience. People today need relevant information that can help them make better choices. Question headlines, when done the right way, can bring you lot of business and visitors but are no use when done poorly. If you are looking for some help to create great question-based headlines for your content email us and we can help.

Imtiaz Hami

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