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How SEO is Going to Help Your Business in 2017?

27 Dec

2016 is ending soon and we have seen so many changes being made to different sites and the way search engine optimization works in the real world. Every year we see new trends made which improves the way we search for information, products and services online. Google and other search engines are making changes to their algorithms to offer a fast, seamless and better browsing experience to the users. SEO professionals keep a close watch on how technology is changing the optimization game and how they can extract the best to ensure that SEO can make things easier for your business.

Here we take a quick look at top 5 ways SEO is going to help your business in 2017.

No More Keyword Optimization

Well, don’t get me wrong here. Keywords are still going to be an integral part of SEO in 2017. However, the optimization concept will change from keyword optimization to content optimization. As search engines change their algorithms the emphasis has been shifting gradually towards keywords that based on what the content is. Hence, the focus will be providing content for real customers and readers rather than search engines. With the help of right content, SEO can do much more than ever before.

Customer-First Strategy

One of the biggest trends in 2017 with regards to SEO is the entire shift in focusing on your customers rather than focusing on how to please the search engines. Solving your customer’s needs and problems should be the right way to move ahead. Hence, companies will have to unify their SEO and content teams together to deliver content which is useful and that ranks high to get more value from it.

Machine Oriented Search

While desktops and mobiles are two forms where customers look for queries and information, but new machines are gradually making their way into our homes. With the rise of Amazon Echo and Google Home SEO professionals have to focus on how they rank their websites high up on the list or among the very few top list. Google’s Mobile-First index is among the first baby steps towards this trend and it emphasizes on technical SEO in the near future.

Diversified SEO

Search engine optimization is no longer about desktops only. With the rise of mobile SEO professionals have to focus on how they can optimization the website for mobile and also for the new-age machines like Amazon Echo and Google Home. SEO strategies will have to include all the screens and opportunities to ensure that SEO is done correctly in order to open up new doors for more traffic.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps also known as PWAs are going to be the next big thing in the world of SEO in 2017. The reason behind this is Google’s march towards mobile-first indexing. These apps make your website appear like apps and they tend to load faster and provide the right content which offers value to the users.


SEO is certainly going to play an important role in taking the business forward, but SEO professionals will have to make changes as per the new algorithms and changes that search engines will make to their systems. The focus in 2017 will be more on providing valuable and relevant content to the users. On the other hand, the SEO will also be focused towards handling multiple screens and dimensions and platforms rather than sticking to desktops and mobiles. In 2017, the concept of optimization will definitely undergo some major changes to ensure better browsing experience to the users. If you are looking for SEO professionals for your business website we can help you.

Imtiaz Hami

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