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5 Link Building Strategies that Make Sense in the Year 2017

24 Jan
Link Building


2017 is finally here and there will be new ways to make SEO more interesting this year, but there are some trends that never fade. Link building has remained one of the top search engine optimization techniques that allow users to get the right attention for the site from search engines. Developing a consistent and good strategy for building links to your website or blog not only influences your rankings with the search engines, but also improves the traffic and makes your site more visible. In 2017, let’s take a quick look at the top 5 link building strategies that would work for you and your website or blog.

Create Relevant Content

Even before you connect your content with other websites and links you need to make sure that you create the right content. Creating content just for the sake of creating it will not yield better results. Hence, you need to make sure that you do some research before you create and write content for your business or personal blog and then get it connected with the right link building strategies.

Replicate Your Key Links

Not all your link building strategies would work, but when you do the research you will find that some of your key links might be bringing you more business and relevant traffic than others. You need to analyze those key links and see what you’re doing right here and then try the same strategy with other links as well. However, if that doesn’t work you need to focus on how you can make things right.

Don’t Worry About Algorithms

It might be hard for us to chasing algorithms and how you can manipulate it to rise to the top. Instead, you need to focus on how you can create content that is good for your audience and how you can gradually use your link building strategies to spread the word out. If you are focusing too much on algorithms and all the changes and updates that Google and search engines make you will eventually lose your focus and the intent to create good content and use it with your link building strategies.

Share Other People’s Content

Tweeting your own work all the time might not be the best idea in the long run. It is important to build relationships and contacts and therefore you may want to share other people’s work and ensure that you promote their work as well which in turn will allow them to promote yours. Although, this might not work in the short run, but building relationships in the community work in the long term.

Avoid Excessive Content

You don’t have to push your link building strategies beyond a point. If you are churning out a lot of relevant content it is good for your brand, but excessive content will only drive away your audience. Don’t keep on sharing and linking watered-down content every single day just because you want to attract attention to your site.


Link development is really important even in the year 2017 and therefore you need to be practical and reasonable about it. Search engines love links and these links enable the search engines to crawl through the internet of all the relevant content that you create and rank your website accordingly. Create a great link building strategy which would allow you and your brand to gradually make an impression and improve site search rankings organically.

Imtiaz Hami

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