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Avoid These 5 Content Marketing Mistakes in the Year 2017

27 Jan
Content Marketing 2017

While Google has been focusing on Mobile-First indexing in the near future content still remains the core factor that can make a difference to your website. The importance of relevant content has grown over a period of time and website owners have to focus on how they create and publish content for their target audience. Content marketing has also seen its share of developments in the past few years because of the evolving nature of the technology and social media. As we move into the New Year you need to focus on your content marketing strategies and avoid any mistakes that can impact your business negatively.

Here are top 5 content marketing mistakes you should avoid in the year 2017.

Creating Content Only to Make Noise

A good relevant content can make all the difference in the world. Hence you have to make sure that you focus on how you come up with better content ideas. Always come up with interesting and great topics and titles that would appeal to the interests, personality and demographic and improve your blogs click-through rate. Write genuine content that makes sense and you’ll see that your content is shared and loved by your readers, followers, and target audience. Create content because you want to create good content and not just to make noise.

Ignoring SEO Basics

Understanding the dynamics of SEO in an ever-changing world of technology is tough, but you still have to abide certain search engine optimization rules. Hence, your content should not be stuffed with keywords and should be in sync with basic SEO rules. Keep your content simple and to the point and they should have a sufficient number of keywords and phrases that would allow them to come up organically in the search engine.

Abusing Your Social Media

Your social media profile can offer you a great way to reach out to a wider audience. However, it is important that you understand your audience well. Not paying attention to your competitors and not engaging with your social users can damage your brand reputation and ruin your content creation efforts. Schedule your posts effectively and efficiently rather than just posting content that doesn’t connect with the audience. Stay consistent and interactive on your social media profile and you can make your content marketing strategy work.

Staying Inconsistent

Don’t be an erratic content creator or a blogger because nobody likes one. If you have a content strategy in mind stick to it and make sure that you are able to make the most of it. When you have readers and target audience you need to cater to their needs and therefore you need to be consistent in how much content you generate per week and per month. Always have a call-to-action towards the end of your posts and content to make it interactive. Studies reveal that 60% of the sites post content consistently to get more traffic and revenue.

Not Optimizing Your Content for Mobile

Have you ever paid attention to how many times you look at your phone per day? As per studies, 40% of the global smartphone users look at their phones within five minutes of waking up and around more than 80 times per day. Not optimizing your content for mobile is one of the mistakes that you should avoid in the year 2017. Use short snippets and easy to scan content which makes your site appealing.


While we are always sure what we should do, it always helps to know where we are going wrong and how we can undo some of the mistakes that can boost our website. Content is an indispensable part of the website and therefore you need to work hard to ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience. It should incorporate the best SEO basics and should be consistent and optimized for mobile users. If you are not sure about your content marketing strategy we can help you out.

Imtiaz Hami

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